Welcome to the CEPS Project Page

CEPS(Cardiac ElectroPhysiology Simulator) is a numerical simulation tool focused on the modeling of cardiac electrophysiology. The goal of CEPS is to easily allow the development of new numerical methods and new physical models.

Information on how to use CEPS can be found in the following sections:


Models implemented in CEPS are based on Partial Differential Equations (PDE), which are solved with Finite Elements methods, and several accurate temporal numerical schemes to solve ionic models. CEPS can run simulations for the following models:

Bidomain Monodomain Bilayer Atria
Surfacic meshes with endo-
and epicardium layers


Ionic models Volume Fraction High-order
numerical schemes
Automated measurement
of numerical convergence

The following pages are dedicated to those who want to develop in CEPS


If you need some support or want to contribute to the development of CEPS, feel free to contact us at ceps@inria.fr